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We go beyond providing the best materials.

We can make various custom products for your home or business. We also stock various sizes of Beavertown Block. We can make lawn edgers, park benches, and patio blocks. This is a very loose category is far as what we can do. We can also do custom work. Call anytime and speak to someone who can suit your needs.

Precast Steps

Add a great accent to any home with a precast step from Fi-Hoff. Long lasting and durable precast concrete will ensure a quality product for a lifetime investment. At 8” height per step, we go up to 6 steps high. We offer 3’, 4’, 5’ & 6’ foot wide units. Each step has a tread depth of 12”, we can produce a platform unit, where the top step can be extended up to 48” deep. We also have the capabilities to pour multiple colors.

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